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Makeup is an essential, which is why one of a woman's most important accessories is her cosmetics bag - the little pouch that holds every tool she needs to look fresh-faced throughout the day and night. So, what are the true essentials? I have compiled a list of basic yet important items of makeup that every woman should have in their makeup bag or dressing room basket. Well, let's start.
Notice: we will begin article with describe makeup items in every  categories (face-lips-eyes), then the best part come after the end of article where HEALTH AND BEAUTY INDUSTRY MAGAZINE go shopping for you in AMAZON. SO DON’T MISS IT.

what girl really need in her cosmetics bag

1-Makeup For FACE


Foundation gives you a flawless finish and helps set your makeup perfectly. There are so many foundation types and shades available in the market according to your skin color and its type. Getting the foundation makeup right is the key to success of your look.


Concealer is a beauty essential that can brighten up a tired face, cover up unsightly sunspots, blemishes, and make away with under-eye circles. Different skin concerns call for different textures and colors. You can either pick a color close to your natural skin tone or a color-correcting concealer that balances out discoloration.

C-Translucent powder

Face powders are used to create a matte finish when applying make-up. They are designed to control the skin’s natural shine, as well as helping to ‘set’ foundation and concealer.


Blush is an important part of your daily makeup routine Prefect blush is one that makes you look like you're naturally flushed.


Highlighter is a great way to add a glow to your skin and can really show off your features. It can make your eyes look brighter and wider, your lips appear fuller, and the contours of your face (like your cheekbones) seem more defined.

F-Eyebrow pencils

If your eyebrows are very thin or very pale, eyebrow pencils help in giving them the perfect contour that brings the focus of the onlooker to your eyes. It also lends a vibrant touch to your face, making your face look more expressive and bright.

Don’t forget to use:

FOUNDATION BRUSH - It applies liquid foundation. You can also use your fingers, but using a brush will give you a better finish.
POWDER BRUSH - Use for applying powder.
CONCEALER BRUSH - For applying and blending concealer.
SPOOLY - It helps blend the eye brow color.

2-Make Up For EYES


 Whether you wear a little or a lot, eyeliner is a great way to open your eyes and make them look brighter. You can use any color pencil or gel eye liner.

B-Eye shadow palette

An eye shadow palette is the perfect choice when you want to create gorgeous eye makeup looks at work for your particular eye color.


Long eyelashes have been coveted by women around the world for ages. Mascara is a very important tool in applying eye makeup. Mascara often makes eyes look much deeper and more detailed; completing the look you may be striving for

Don’t forget to use:

EYE SHADOW BRUSH - It helps apply the eye shadows on the lids
SPOOLY (optional) - It'll help comb out clumps
BLENDING BRUSH - It helps blends the eye shadows.

3-Makeup For Lips

A-Lip liner

Lip liner is very important for any lip color you wear. You might not think so, but it has a significant purpose for keeping the color from feathering, or wearing out past the lines of your lips, and it can also keep the color looking vibrant all day.

B-Nude lipstick

Sometimes you just want a neutral color for a no fuss, low maintenance look or you don’t want to draw attention away from your smoky eye and that's where the perfect nude lipstick comes in.

C-The perfect red lipstick

Red lipstick is classic, elegant, and versatile. Every woman looks excellent in red lipstick. Go for one that compliments your skin tone.
p.s Men adore the red lips of a woman.

D-Lip balm

The skin on your lips is thinner than your facial skin. So in case you are suffering from chapped and dry lips, using a lip balm will ensure that your lips are well hydrated and they heal faster.

With these items in your makeup-bag, you are ready for everything. And don’t forget that a good set of make-up brushes is always a good investment.
Hope this article was contain New and Fresh and useful information for you, let us know if your bag have all this item and we so interesting to know which item is so interesting and which one is supplement for you !.


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A-Organize You cosmetics

a-organize your cosmetics At Home :
we are sure you already have much cosmetics, some you buy and some other you receive like gift or you take it from friend, so the question that we ask always is (WHERE IS BRAYEN ?) LoL it was a joke, so the real question is ( WHERE IS MY X COSMETIC ???) and you begin look under the bed and behind the desk and in bathroom and …
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if you want big one, just go see this product in AMAZON and under it you will see some related products.

b-Organize your cosmetics for out daily
We know that all girls use they bags of daily out for take out with themes cosmetics and perfume, so always we face some problems, like search long for fined one pencil or lipstick , HEALTH AND BEAUTY MAGAZINE fined solution for you with 2 simple products you will really love:
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it's so fashionable with a beautiful brown skin, and Feels soft and comfortable when use +  Super Capacity for pen,pencil,cosmetic organizer.
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same like first products, go to Amazon and you will see more related products about Pencil case Makeup Cosmetic.
c-Organize Your cosmetics for traveling
When we traveling for sure we need take all our things that we have at home with us, even if we are sure that we will not use the problem is that we put cloths and food and Paper and … with cosmetics and this is violation due to lack of respect for cosmetics rights,Flirt (femmes) because cosmetics need have they own world (bag 100% for cosmetics that you have).
HEALTH AND BEAUTY INDUSTRY MAGAZINE fined the Solution At AMAZON like always, it’s the magic bag from Baggallini company ,BIG and Style .
So Baggallini Complete Cosmetic Bagg, it’s 100% Nylon with Webbed handles for easy carrying and Lightweight water resistant ripstop nylon is durable and wipes clean with a damp cloth, its have a big inside with Two sts of interior clear pockets with room for bottles, brushes, containers and travel accessories of all sizes and Exterior zippered pockets for organizing small items that need to be easily accessed.
This bag can be useful for men, with other words ((it’s a good gift for man from a woman because all men travelling so much and suffer from they cosmetic everywhere so this bagg will help theme to pack it))
customer review: This is the best and most perfect Travel (Accessories) bag on earth.
If you're used to packing all your personal care/personal hygiene items in zip lock bags for travel and are tired of doing should look into getting this bag.
I own this item in pink (it was a gift) and it is absolutely wonderful.
Some other products for organize your cosmetics is the two sister  Clinique Spring 2013 Ladybug Cosmetic Bag with a really small price, its good for your bathroom or even the bedroom and maybe for travel.
Our Shopping time is over today, we don’t forget the B part of basic yet important items of makeup that every woman should have, we just let it to an other article, because we want you  choose good the right bags for organize your cosmetics in HOME AND OUT DAILY AND LONG TRAVEL AND YOUR BATHROOM.
Again all this product are  from the BIG ONLINE STORE IN THE WORLD its AMAZON so feel confortable and 100% safe and we guarantied that you receive your product.

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