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Mayonnaise is a miracle all-in-one hair fix. Mayonnaise contains a lot of healthy, natural oil and protein-rich egg yolks. Moreover, it also contains vinegar that will restore damaged hair to a healthy PH. One thing you should make sure of while using mayonnaise for treating your hair is that the mayonnaise you use has to be real mayonnaise, not the fat-free version or any mayonnaise substitutes. Let us look at how we can use mayonnaise to repair damaged hair.


Super-Basic Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Take about one cup of mayonnaise and put it in your dry hair. Massage it through your scalp and then leave it in for a hour before shampooing. This trick will get you super-soft hair.


1-2 tbsp. base oil of your choice (select one or a combination) heat up a little bit in the microwave and mix with Mayonnaise .

1 tbsp. coconut oil – reduces oiliness

2 tbsp. olive oil – softens the hair

2 tbsp. grape seed oil – moisturizes

8 drops (or 1 large capsule) of vitamin E oil – moisturizes and adds shine

How to remove mayonnaise from hair

1 -Step into your shower without turning on the water. While your hair is still full of mayonnaise, use diluted shampoo. Work this through your hair. Don't expect piles of soapy suds; this first step is just to cut through the oil.

2 -Turn on the water and rinse out the first shampoo. Work the water into your hair, using your fingers, to rinse out as much mayonnaise as possible. If you have fine or short hair, or if you didn't use a lot of mayonnaise, you may not need a second shampoo.

3 -Shampoo a second time as you normally would, working the shampoo into a lather. Your hair should slide through your fingers easily and feel conditioned, but not oily.

4 -Gently comb through your hair to make sure there are no chunks of mayonnaise left. And Enjoy your shiny hair

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